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about leuven slush'd

What is Slush'D about?

Slush'D is a local spin-off of Slush Helsinki, a student-driven, non-profit organization intended to alter perceptions of entrepreneurship with the goal of inspiring and assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

How are you 'not wasting a good crisis'?

Winston Churchill already recognized the fact that good things can emerge from crises. With Leuven Slush’D, we are not wasting our and all the stakeholders in the startup ecosystem's time by waiting and sitting around until the crisis is over, but are connecting all the necessary players to make the best out of it.
The current crisis is felt by startups, who struggle to raise, investors, who are not able to include enough startups in their portfolio to diversify, and companies in general, that have a hard time selling to costumers and have to deal with raised prices of raw materials. Leuven Slush’D aims to combine forces within the entire ecosystem to get through the crisis together.


at what time is Leuven Slush'D?

Doors open at 11am (12th of October 2023). The event finishes at 10pm, closing off with a party until midnight.

Where does Leuven Slush'D take place?

At the Sportoase Leuven, Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven (Belgium). You can find it on Google Maps here.

How do i get there?

Philipssite Leuven is a stone’s throw fom the Train Station of Leuven. We recommend to opt for a sustainable travel option:

- Bike
Take your own or opt for a Blue Bike. You can access the venue from any side. Feel free to park your bike near the main entrance.

- Public Transport
The venue is accessible by train via various approach roads. For example, there are direct connections from Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, Diest, Tienen, Hasselt, etc... Philipssite Leuven is a 20-minute walk from the station. Leaving from the station, Philipssite Leuven is perfectly accessible on foot. Every 10 minutes, the ring bus passes every stop on the ring road and at the station. Bus 601 runs along the inner ring road, the other bus 600 runs along the outer ring road. These run in opposite directions. The pick-up and drop-off point is the PARKPOORT bus stop, a 3-minute walk from Sportoase Philipssite.

- Car:
Take the E40 towards Leuven and follow the E314 towards Genk, Hasselt and Leuven. Take the Leuven exit at the next junction (exit 15). Go straight on and turn right at the third lights (Tervuursevest). After 2km you will see the Philipssite on the right. Next to the Sportoase centre, there is an underground car park privately managed by an external company. This car park is accessible 24h/24h with 700 parking spaces. The parking fee is not included in your Leuven Slush’D ticket.

Are there cloackrooms?

Yes, cloakrooms are present and are free of charge. You can leave cabin-sized luggage in the cloakroom, but unfortunately, there is no storage for big bags. Cloakrooms are open throughout the entire event.
We suggest you take a picture of your cloakroom tag. There is staff at the cloakroom. However, Leuven Slush’D is not responsible for items left in the cloakroom.

how do i connect to the people i am looking for?

Color coded badges will be provided so that you can easily differentiate between people from different sectors: Startup, Investor, Partner, Speaker, Student and Attendee. You can attend specialised side events and workshops to encounter like-minded people.

Is the event cashless?

Absolutely, the event is entirely cashless. We've streamlined payments through digital methods in a mobile app, ensuring smoother transactions and a safer experience for everyone.

Where can we stay the night?

There are many hotels in the Leuven city centre and next to the station. We do work together with Penta Hotels to provide Leuven Slush'D visitors with a discount you can find here. We take no commission on these, everything is transferred into a discount for you!


What is included in my ticket?

A full day at the event. This includes access to the main stage, founders stage and every booth showcasing its latest tech. Next to that, you get the opportunity to attend side events and workshops given by experts. This all comes accompanied with drinks and appetizers. Full meals will be provided by food trucks serving fresh food. Catering comes at an additional cost.

what are the different ticket types?

Our available ticket categories include Startup, Investor, Attendee and Student. In addition to those, journalists can apply for a Media Pass.

Our Startup Pass is designed for young, mostly tech-driven businesses with a scalable business strategy who want to develop quickly. Please keep in mind that each member of the team requires a ticket in order to attend.

Our Investor Pass is for individuals working for entities making direct investments in startups or venture capital funds – VCs, CVCs, LPs, Family Offices, and M&A Investors. This pass is also suitable for individuals investing directly from their personal wealth or as part of a syndicate.

Attendee Passes are for people who are not startup founders or operators, investors, students, or media.

A student pass is for individuals that are enrolled in an active study program from a recognized university or college during the academic year 2023-2024. An official student card or document will have to be shown at the entrance.

Is there a possibility for a refund if I am unable to come?

Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. It is possible to transfer a ticket to another person if you can find someone who can attend the event in your place, provided the change was made 48 hours before the event, the organisers were informed and the ticket type still applies.


Who can get a media pass?

Journalists and press editorial staff are the target audience for Media Passes. Due to the limited amount of Passes we have available, we give priority to publications with sizable audiences and writers who have a history of producing insightful pieces. Individual contributors such as freelancers, podcasters, bloggers, and others are also encouraged to submit, although their applications will be reviewed more carefully for relevance. We respectfully request that PR, communications, and non-editorial staff members of media organizations purchase an Attendee Pass.

how can i get a media pass?

Send us a message for application via our Media Form and we will get in touch with you.

Any other questions?